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Lampentasche - the family manager podcast

May 19, 2020

Help me to do it myself’ is the motto of the original founder Maria Montessori. Every child is seen as an individual and the goal is to educate children to be independent and self-confident. In this interview sequence I have the opportunity to speak to Ximena Rudolph a pure expert in this field; she is the owner and founder of the Colourwoods Montessori Kinderhaus which is a private kindergarten in Küsnacht. You will learn more about the concept itself, what materials/toys are in place, why parents should choose the Montessori way and if it is a concept for every child/family. Get inspired by listening to it.


If you have further questions please feel free to contact the expert Ximena Rudolph:

Colourwoods Montessori Kinderhaus

Poststrasse 25

8700 Küsnacht ZH

+41 79 410 09 74



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